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          New Nation is an alternative hip-hop collective from Houston, Texas making waves after over a decade of making songs in their living rooms. Their mix of live instrumentation such as saxophones, guitars, bass, keys, and drums mix beautifully with their hard-hitting production and carefully crafted lyrics. New Nation uses their often absurd experiences and heritage to imagine the music that they want to hear. New Nation has drawn comparisons to other genre pushing artists such as Outkast, MF DOOM, Flatbush Zombies, Deltron 3030 and artists from their hometown of Houston, including UGK, Z-Ro and DJ Screw. Using only their own skills, knowledge and abilities, New Nation has released four singles in 2021 through their label, Pete’s Cave Records. New Nation’s upcoming single “Missiles”, produced by friend of New Nation, Credless. "Missiles" is scheduled for release on December 3, 2021.


          New Nation is made up of four members: Mavrik, Alex Dreamer, EVK & SP-23. Mavrik is an assertive lyricist who fills beats with powerful and honest raps that bleed confidence. Alex Dreamer delivers his lyrics using flowery language and clever wordplay, taking listeners on a journey with each verse. EVK works as the main producer and engineer of the group, drawing inspiration from his diverse musical background to create distinct and often eclectic sonic palettes. Together with SP-23, the group's main melodic vocalist and an accomplished saxophonist, they take from their storied past as instrumentalists to carefully blend technology of today with techniques and practices of days long gone to craft New Nation’s unique sound. 

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