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Is his name Andy? What is a Paradigm shiFt?

We decided to release Andy and Paradigm shiFt as the first New Nation singles because they truly show case who we are and what we seek out to make and experiment with when we make music.

You can still kinda hear the original beat I made for Alex Dreamer (@alexdreamer_nn) to write to in the first part of Andy, this track has been worked and reworked a couple times to get to where we felt like it was finalized. We recorded saxes, guitars, basses, reworked the beat three different times, did god knows how many vocal sessions, etc. But it was all incredible fun and a great time. The final section in the song was one of the last to come to fruition, Alex Dreamer showed up to my old studio in HTX ready to record and when he rapped his second verse for me, I knew I had fucked up. His shit was so much better than the beat he was rapping on that we had to sit there and bang out a new beat in like 15 minutes to keep the session going, proud of how quickly it was made and how hard this shit goes. Shout out to my man,SAXMan (@saxmangaming) for providing beautiful saxophone work in this and so many of the New Nation tracks, at the time this was recorded SAXMan was a long time friend and a collaborator, but by the end of the process and come release time we all knew he had become an integral part of New Nation.

This was even clearer when it came to the process of recording Paradigm shiFt. My initial barebones guitar, bass, and synth track was enhanced incredibly when he wrote the beautiful sax lines you hear on the song now. And then...

All that was left was for my man Mavrik (@chiefbeanlo) to murder the rhymes. Getting into the headspace of our acid trips talking about music and finding inspiration, he lays down some horror movie rhymes that leave you feeling tripped out.

Be on the look out for more music coming from Pete's Cave soon, but in the meantime stream Andy and Paradigm shiFt on all your favorite streaming sites.


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