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EDIROL SD90 Driver For PC Windows 10 X64 Latest




Version 1.0.4 (10/27/2012) ========================== -Fixed a bug when audio signal is out of a range. -Fixed a bug when disk checking is in progress. -Fixed a bug in reading log file. -Fixed a bug when loading Windows 7 x64 driver. -Fixed a bug when calibration slider does not work. -Fixed a bug in volume control. Version 1.0.3 (10/12/2012) -Fixed a bug when EDIROL logo appears on a screen. Version 1.0.2 (10/5/2012) - Fixed a bug when PCM sound is playing and a disk is connected to a digital I/O port. Version 1.0.1 (09/30/2012) - Fixed a bug when a Windows 7 x64 driver cannot load. Version 1.0 (09/26/2012) - Updated all drivers to the latest version. - Improved ASIO support. - Improved firmware update by using a tool called EDIROL Connect. - Improved sound quality by changing an algorithm called ASIO by a different algorithm. - The volume control algorithm is improved. - Support for the Windows 7 64-bit. Version 0.9.2 (08/05/2012) - Bug fixes. - Improved the interface. Version 0.9.1 (07/19/2012) - Added an algorithm called ASIO. - Added a driver updater. Version 0.9 (07/12/2012) Version 0.8 (07/10/2012) Version 0.7 (06/30/2012) - Added the EDIR




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EDIROL SD90 Driver For PC Windows 10 X64 Latest

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